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Windrush Warriors!

 A comedy drama about courage under fire!

This successful theatre show is a potential TV series. The Windrush Warriors presents a hilarious and sometimes poignant story of 4 brave African-Caribbean pensioners who imagined a peaceful later life & are now dealing with an unexpected challenge – the infamous Windrush scandal. These older generation African-Caribbean, fun-loving friends exchange banter & indulge in laugh a minute wordplay. Together these 4 pensioners interact with varying degrees of response to this very real threat to their lives and they strike a balance between comedy and sobering drama. The fact that the script is based on true events makes for an interesting, socially conscious show, depicting an imperfect world. 

It’s an affectionate story about people in the autumn of their lives.  The show is a life-affirming view of survivors, children of the Windrush generation. They’re retired and spend their days hanging out in a downtown community centre playing dominoes, knitting and bantering -it saves on fuel bills. However a bombshell threatens to shatter their cosy retirement. They’re having their immigration status investigated. But wait a minute, they are British citizens aren’t they? Well not according to this Conservative government. Citizenship has to be proved, and damn quick otherwise they face deportation. The Windrush scandal and its attendant hypocrisy is laid bare in this show. It’s an important message embracing untouchable subjects and highlighting current events. 

Our four fearless protagonists decide that they will not be bullied and so ‘The Windrush Warriors’ fight back group is created. Headquarters is the lounge at the local community centre. The show exposes the unfair predicament of people who having lived & worked in the UK for decades, are now heartlessly being shown that they are undesirable. The show has a diverse mix of cultures and aims to enhance cultural awareness whilst entertaining audiences with a great, true story. These pensioners experience the joys & angst of their golden years and come together when faced with cruel and unjust treatment. And their reaction? To fight adversity with Warrior like ferocity!  

The African-Caribbean pensioners are the central focus around which the show was created. The other characters are Patience, the African Receptionist and Robbie, the white Rasta Caretaker.

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